Top 10 Online Survey Websites that Pay Good Cash

 Taking online surveys and making money is a common and well known way these days amongst youth and stay at home Mothers. There are plenty of online survey websites that offer cash and reward points to people who share their opinion about products and services. Hundreds and thousands of online survey websites are there and how to choose the best one? Here I have listed some top 10 online survey websites that pay good cash.

Before providing the list, let us clarify what are the parameters of top 10 online survey websites.

Top Online survey websites should send many surveys to participate.

Top online survey sites should be free to join.

Top online survey websites should pay good cash.

Top online survey websites should pay on time.

Top online survey websites should accept all countries.

Am I right?  Now, the list…you can click on any site and join.

  1. Ipoll
  2. Opinion Bar
  3. Global test
  4. Get cash for surveys
  5. Your say
  6. Planet panel
  7. Yahoo research
  8. Paid online surveys
  9. Good cash surveys
  10. Product testing

Top 3 work at home jobs that can help you make 6 figure income


Work at home jobs can give you an opportunity to make a substantial amount of money without commuting a corporate office or warehouse. I hope, this could be a primary reason why many people are now starting to be keen in starting a home-based job. Lot of people from all walks of life are really seeing the advantages of being self-employed.

There are thousands of home business ventures that we can operate from an apartment or home. It is important that you choose a home job that is suitable for your interest and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at three important home job ideas that can be started with a small capital.

Virtual Assistant Home Job

Many big companies are currently looking for talented virtual assistants. Hiring virtual assistants gives these companies an opportunity to outsource different tedious clerical tasks at an optimum price. This would help companies reduce total overhead. The job profile of a virtual assistant is reading emails, chat with clients, answering telephones, and creating different forms of documents.

Virtual assistants are well paid by companies either weekly or bi-weekly for their valuable services. You can find good virtual assistant opportunities by visiting online home business forums and also may apply directly with companies that you find in online phone directories.

Affiliate Marketing Home Job

Affiliate marketing home job has gained a great amount of popularity over the past few years. It is one of the most popular home jobs around today. This affiliate marketing revolves around promoting digital and physical products and services in exchange for a good commission. You can promote any products and services with the aid of a free blog or an attractive website.

Joining an affiliate market network gives you a chance to make a full-time income with ease. The truth, some affiliate marketers amass a six-figure income within their first few years of operation.

Forex Investing

Foreign exchange investing is responsible for creating a hope for those who are interested in working their own. One must simply buy currencies at a low price and sell it out a higher price in order to gain a profit. Reading good books written by successful Forex authors would help you learn more about the forex industry. Using little technical software will also increase your opportunity of becoming a successful forex investor.

These three works from home jobs listed above can help everyone to generate a full-time income without having a firing boss or supervisor standing always over their head. If you are looking for a good, legitimate, ethical and well guaranteed way to make an income working from your own home, using nothing but a computer device or laptop, click here


Top 10 Home Job opportunities for Moms

I am sharing some wonderful home job opportunities for mothers. Mothers at home can do these simple and interesting home jobs and make extra money from home. Here are the Top 10 Home Jobs opportunities for Moms.

1. Making Candles:


Moms can make candles at home and sell it to nearby stores and known people around. This Home job needs very little investment. It is an interesting home job with lucrative income. The fact is that everyone likes beautiful candles to be lit at home. Moms can make candle at home in their spare time.

2. Make candy at home:


This is one more home job for moms. Since every Mom like cooking this home job could be fun and make some extra cash to fulfil their needs.

3. Write an e-book of your expertise:


If you are expert in cooking or making some craft work, you can write an e-book on that particular subject and sell it online in stores like ebay or amazon. Cooking recipes are one of the best selling ebooks  on ebay and amazon.

4.Dog training and day care:


If Moms have lot of free time and want to spend it in useful way to make money. These 2 home jobs have huge demand these days. People are ready to pay good money for these jobs.

5. Paid online surveys:


Big companies are constantly looking for people to share their opinion about products and services. They pay nicely in return. This is one of the good home jobs available.  All you need is a computer and internet connection at home. Click here.

6. Online tutor Home Job:


This is one of the latest home jobs for Moms. If you are good at any subject and can teach the subject. You can teach students online. Many home tutoring are looking for tutors to join their websites and teach online. This home job is a nice job that can help you make $10 to $50 per hour. Websites:,

7. Online photographer:


If you have normal snap shot camera and have some interest in photography, you can submit photos to online photo selling websites. When your photos are downloaded you will get good money as royalty. Examples websites: fotolia, istockphoto etc

8. Work as freelancer of any of your interest:


If you have talent in computer field like web designing, seo, writing, template designing, logo designing, back link building you can work as freelancer and make good money. Websites: ,

9. Clickbank Affiliate:


Clickbank is an online market place where vendors sell digital downloadable products and they pay commissions to people who promote their products. This is a wonderful Home job that can make you rich fast. They pay commission from 20 to 75% per sale and products range from 30 dollars to 3000 dollars.  Moms can join and make good money.

10. Sell cosmetics and medicines online:


Selling beauty products, health products and weight loss products is one the Home Job that can give you lucrative income. You can try, feedburner and


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5 Home jobs for students and teenagers

All of these home jobs will require some help or involvement from their parent. Here are five online jobs for teens looking to open up their wings and explore their entrepreneurial skills.

1. Online surveys

Online surveys and focus groups are very simple, fun and one of the simplest things to do. It doesn’t need any previous experience, just your teen’s opinion. The types of online surveys vary from topics about mobile phones, video games, movies, computer, fashion, music, and many other teen interests. Your teen would be compensated with little money, Amazon vouchers or retail gift certificates, or some points redeemable for cash or products. Signing up with online survey is always free; Payments are normally paid out to a PayPal account or by bank cheque.  Click here

2. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Many teens have own small blogs and micro blogs they can use it as a way to promote many affiliate programs or get referrals programs from online survey companies they have joined. They can join with Clickbank, a marketplace with merchants and companies who offer digital downloadable products for people to sell. These commissions are paid out anywhere from 20% to 95%.  LinkShare and CJ are other good affiliate marketplaces.  Teens can try these wonderful Home Jobs.

3. Web designer

These days, teens and youth are very computer literate and computer savvy. Many teens are also very artistic and creative. Becoming a home based web designer is a lucrative and rewarding work. Your teenager may design beautiful websites, designing Twitter and MySpace backgrounds, creating blog templates, buttons, logos etc. for who can’t or don’t know how to do these things themselves.

4. Tele calling jobs

These days, tele-caller home job is one of the best available jobs for teens. Numerous companies need tele-caller and customer support agents who can work from home and attend their customer’s queries.
5.  Craft designer

If your boy or girl enjoys making nice crafts or builds model airplanes, ships with the help of a parent they can even open up their own small online store.

Free Home Jobs for making nice income online

Free home jobs allow you spend as much time as you want earning your online income. You can also choose part time or full time home jobs according to your schedule. Since there are various home job opportunities available on internet, you can select which job suits you according to your talent, ability and qualifications. You can apply for a home job and get adequate training and scheduling for this job, all just online. Therefore you don’t need to step out of your home to get a day job. The free home jobs database provides you a wide list of potential home jobs which are scam free.

Here are some free home jobs that you will find very useful.

Online tutoring home job


Online tutoring home jobs is without doubt one of the best home jobs available online that does not require any money or initial amount to be spent by you. If you are qualified or have little experience in advanced math’s or commerce or science or in some local or foreign language, then you can apply for this kind of home job. You will be able to start doing home jobs working at a schedule that is more convenient to you and enjoy great income. If you are ready to spend more time with this type of home jobs, then you may earn more money.
Data entry work at home jobs

Data entry home jobs require some previous experience and little or less computer skills. Organization and communication abilities and skills may also be required to get this job. These types of home jobs may also require initial online training or face to face training. These jobs provide good options like part time or full time. You can also choose which is most convenient to your schedule, day shift or night shift work.

Transcription Jobs

Data transcription work includes many types like general, legal transcription, medical transcription and so forth. Little experience and accurate knowledge about this kind job will be required. However this home job can help you make a regular income.

Translation Jobs

Translation home jobs requires very good knowledge in any language and you may require to translate e-mails and online or offline documents from one language to another. If anyone has a good command over any language, then they can apply for these kinds of home jobs. Previous experience is not required for this type of home jobs.

There are many more home job opportunities available on internet. You also can decide to take on one or more than one job at a time. This type of home job lets you work with freedom and you can make decent earning.

Websites for FREE HOME JOBS

Home jobs for Moms-Important tips before choosing a home job

Home jobs2

There is always plenty of responsibility that will be handled by mothers at home hence the internet home jobs will be of great use for moms. There are good numbers of online home jobs that are available for such purpose of moms.

Therefore work at home moms have to select the home job that will be really suitable for them. It will also be of great help if they are able to choose the job that will need them to pay no initial money or should need less amount of money.

If you do some research in internet you will be able to select many home jobs but the originality and the safety of the home based job has to ensure for a bright career in those online home jobs. If you pursue these home jobs with keen interest then there is a great chance to earn huge amount of cash.

Some of the important home job planning you should have to do is being listed below.

The first thing is to figure out for many free hours in a day.  Then you should find a home job that will best suitable for the available free time.

There are many home jobs such as online affiliate marketing, MLM or multi level marketing, forum filling jobs, taking paid surveys, article writing jobs and many other online home jobs. All these home jobs will allow you to make good amount of money. If you pick a nice job that falls under your area of interest then there will be much scope for great development.

The flexibility of these kinds of home job should also be assessed to make sure that the home job fits for your schedule and interest. The great feature of this job is that there will be no work stress that will be associated with home job and hence you will be stress free to carry out other household jobs in a very good manner. Hence these part time home jobs for moms will surely help moms to earn extra cash.

You can try these

real home jobs

and Online surveys


Top 7 home jobs that you can make good money from home

home jobs

Many people now use the internet to earn a living by online home jobs. The best thing with this kind of home jobs is that, you are not restricted on when and where to work from. The internet allows people to work anywhere in their country or even at their own home.

Many people have joined these kinds of home jobs as they allow everyone to work; moms, students, retired people, unemployed all have equal chances to get these home jobs.

Many of you have heard about these jobs, but are yet to make a move to join these jobs. The reason is because they are not aware of the types of home based jobs offered via the internet. To help you through, here are some of the good and legitimate types of work at home jobs:

Home Job 1 -Data entry jobs

It is one of the most common and preferred online home jobs. Several companies are offering this home job online. Although many people around the world are making money from this, they are not just entering some data in the software as many would blindly think. They require really a lot of experience in data entry for you to make money. Click here.

Home Job 2 -Article writing

These kinds of writing jobs are readily available as there are many good freelance sites offering them. Although signing up to these freelance job sites may be easy, fetching money from these sites will require you to have some good writing skills. However, this is a job that can make you a lot of money if you took it really seriously.

Home Job 3- Forex trading

This home job involves the foreign exchange or forex market where you trade one currency for another currency. You can work at home on these kinds of home jobs and make a living from them for sure.

Home Job 4- Multilevel marketing’s (MLM)

These jobs are booming day by day. There are plenty of legitimate online websites offering MLM home jobs that you can make some extra cash from. These home jobs may require you to have little internet marketing techniques and experience. They are nice jobs that one would make millions in a short span of time. This job involves being an affiliate of a particular online company, your work is to refer some people to those companies; the more people you refer the more you make money.

Home Jobs 5 – Google Adsense program

This program, which is owned by Google, has been designed in a way that you can make good money from it. The program allows you to own a website that is approved by Google, and ads will be displayed and you will be making money as per visitor’s click on those ads.

Home Jobs 6- Affiliate programs

This home job is probably the best paying online home job you can get around. You may work at home and make money by engaging on online affiliate programs. Importantly, they are free to join and you will be provided with an affiliate link, a web link that you use in promoting your partner websites. Your work is to get visitors to the partner’s site through those links, and if they purchase anything from the partner site, you will get paid.

Home Job 7- Online paid surveys

This is another type of home job that allows you to work from home and earn very good cash. You get paid by sharing your opinions on various consumer products and services. The internet provides many such paid online survey sites that offer this offer. Click here to participate in online surveys

Finally, It is important for you to note that, these are not some get-rich overnight programs; the more one works the more one earns.