5 Home jobs for students and teenagers

All of these home jobs will require some help or involvement from their parent. Here are five online jobs for teens looking to open up their wings and explore their entrepreneurial skills.

1. Online surveys

Online surveys and focus groups are very simple, fun and one of the simplest things to do. It doesn’t need any previous experience, just your teen’s opinion. The types of online surveys vary from topics about mobile phones, video games, movies, computer, fashion, music, and many other teen interests. Your teen would be compensated with little money, Amazon vouchers or retail gift certificates, or some points redeemable for cash or products. Signing up with online survey is always free; Payments are normally paid out to a PayPal account or by bank cheque.  Click here

2. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Many teens have own small blogs and micro blogs they can use it as a way to promote many affiliate programs or get referrals programs from online survey companies they have joined. They can join with Clickbank, a marketplace with merchants and companies who offer digital downloadable products for people to sell. These commissions are paid out anywhere from 20% to 95%.  LinkShare and CJ are other good affiliate marketplaces.  Teens can try these wonderful Home Jobs.

3. Web designer

These days, teens and youth are very computer literate and computer savvy. Many teens are also very artistic and creative. Becoming a home based web designer is a lucrative and rewarding work. Your teenager may design beautiful websites, designing Twitter and MySpace backgrounds, creating blog templates, buttons, logos etc. for who can’t or don’t know how to do these things themselves.

4. Tele calling jobs

These days, tele-caller home job is one of the best available jobs for teens. Numerous companies need tele-caller and customer support agents who can work from home and attend their customer’s queries.
5.  Craft designer

If your boy or girl enjoys making nice crafts or builds model airplanes, ships with the help of a parent they can even open up their own small online store.


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